What's eCube?

eCube is an innovative integrated energy interchange system (energy exchange) which, through the use of storage systems, maximizes production efficiency and the use of energy from renewable resources, to customers that are registered to the "Energy Bank". The "eCube" project was born in October 2017 due to the winning of the open tender "Toscana Por Creo Fesr 2014-2020".

Enegan, Ergon, Dinfo, Giuneco and Greenapes conceived the eCube project to create a prototype of the Energy Exchange System called “Banca dell'Energia”, open to all its customers, which pursues the primary goal of optimizing production/storage and the using of renewable energy to both producers and consumers, and to maximize energy efficiency.


Field of Use?

The growing interest in the identification and adoption of clean generation technologies, at low environmental impact has led to the growing popularity of the so-called GFR (Generation from Renewable Source). Within this wide range of generation systems, it is possible to include different technologies such as photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, etc...

In particular, photovoltaic and wind power are the technologies that have become widespread over the past few years, at the point that, in Italy (2017), there are counted an installed power of photovoltaic systems equal to about 19 GW and wind power plants of about 9 GW , compared to an initial figure (2008) of approximately 500 MW and 3.5 GW for photovoltaic and wind energy respectively.

This trend is expected to grow over the next few years due to the policies adopted at Italian and European level. Consider, for example, with reference to the Italian context, at the SEN (National Energy Strategy) which provides, among others:


  1. the objective of covering 55% of electricity consumption through renewable sources by 2030;
  2. Phase-Out of coal for electricity production by 2025;


However, faced with these important benefits, there are a number of problems and inefficiencies in the use of electricity produced by these power plants, in particular by photovoltaic and wind energy, due to their uncertainty, that is the inability to plan their production, in the point that usually they are indicated with the term GFRNP (generation from non-programmable renewable source). More specifically , it is possible to list, among others, the following series of general problems:

  1. Reduction of the reserve margin;
  2. Reversal of energy flows in the electricity grid;
  3. Loading ramps to satisfy.

The Enegan company, leader of the E-cube project, is a company that operates in the renewable energy sector, is a supplier of energy (electricity and gas) on the national free market for individuals and companies, operates in the sector of electric mobility and has always distinguished by its attention to respect for the environment and the promotion of eco-sustainable behavior.





Ergon is a company that operates in the Information & Communication Technology field since 2005.



The Department of Information Engineering (DINFO), is the reference department for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.



Giuneco's corporate mission is to exploit new technologies to create effective, efficient solutions with considerable attention to usability and maintainability



GreenApes is a company born in 2012 and is the digital platform that rewards sustainable actions and ideas.