The company Enegan Spa operates in Italy in the Multi-Utilities market, with particular reference to the Electricity and Gas sectors, offering private customers and small and medium-sized enterprises the supply of energy services, products / services for energy efficiency, telecommunications, etc.

Over the past three years, the Enegan group has evolved along the following main lines:

  1. development of the commercial network by gradually extending the operating territory;
  2. acquisition of increasing autonomy in the process of energy supply and business management;
  3. enhancement of customer management and assistance services;
  4. development of the organization and management systems;
  5. business development.

Enegan operates in a highly competitive market where customers primarily seek the cost-effectiveness of the electricity and gas supply, since the quality of the service is substantially independent of the chosen supplier, being determined by the distributor who is always the same for everyone. suppliers and for the same geographical area.

The result is a market characterized by substantial price competition which tends to compress margins and particularly aggressive commercial policies.

Enegan presents itself on the market with an integrated proposal in which, together with the supply of electricity that constitutes its main axis, it also offers the supply of gas, products for energy efficiency and other services, brought together in a single contract and a unique bill to meet all the needs of customers in the Consumer and Business market segments. This integrated proposal constitutes an element of distinction from competitors more focused on specific supplies.


Ergon Srl is a company that has been operating in the Information & Communication Technology field since 2005 and whose primary objective is to support customers in choosing the best IT solutions.

The design and implementation of personalized IT infrastructures, always at the forefront, are accompanied by constant advice that allows the customer and Ergon to grow together, making the most of the technological innovations that the market offers.

Ergon's main skills and technological focus concern:

  1. Unified communication, multi-channel integrated platforms, for the optimization of communication and business collaboration;
  2. disaster recovery and business continuity, i.e. We implement technological solutions to ensure the restoration of normal business activities, in the face of emergencies and unexpected events, through the recovery of data and systems;
  3. security, tools and procedures for safeguarding company information, in terms of access, confidentiality, availability and non-stealing.

The Department of Information Engineering (DINFO), one of the 24 departments of the University of Florence, is the reference department for the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector of Information and Communication Technologies, in which carries out advanced research in automation, electronics, IT, telecommunications, electromagnetism, but also in operational research, bioengineering and electrotechnics.

The department studies and designs telecommunication systems and networks, radar, sensors and electronic devices, advanced software, ultrasound, satellite, control and remote sensing systems, processing and interpretation of multimedia content, decision support, security and protection of information and telematics.

He does research in apparently different sectors, all characterized by the acquisition, processing, transmission and use of information and knowledge, essential resources of the new company.

The DINFO, among professors, researchers, technicians / administrators, research fellows and PhD students, employs a staff of over 210 units and, with success and determination, is committed to the acquisition of important public and private research funding.


Giuneco Srl was born in 2006 from the initiative of four university companions, including Marco Castellani, the current major shareholder and President of the company. After an initial period of activity and growth, the will to evolve the business model took shape, aiming at a gradual shift towards ICT consultancy.

This transformation aimed to free the company from the role of a simple software factory, operating in subcontracting with respect to other subjects, trying to take advantage of Giuneco's ability to support customers in the search for innovative solutions.

In this phase of corporate development, from about 2011 until today, the company has grown from 5 employees to around 18 today and has gradually refined its ability to analyze and respond to market demands, has increased its reputation on the Florentine territory as a reliable and competent reality. It was in this period that the company structure was enriched by the presence of Federico Barsotti.

From a technical point of view, Giuneco has always focused on cloud-based solutions for the integration of systems and devices. The partnerships that the company has conducted with AEP Ticketing Solution, Akern, Gilbarco and Powersoft have allowed him to gain considerable experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) by integrating the strong technical skills for cloud solutions with firmware development and project management.

Thanks to this strong orientation towards the constant development of skills, and over the years it has managed to create teachers appreciated by the community of developers and specialists who, regularly, carry out individual and collective courses on the technologies that constitute the key activities of the company.


GreenApes Srl is a company founded in 2012 by a team of experts and a Tuscan IT services company, which has made it an innovative and certified start-up, which has obtained numerous awards including the 2014 Sustainable Development Award, with the President's medal of the Republic.

GreenApes is configured as a Benefit company, that is, a company that, on the one hand, pursues the purpose of making profits, but on the other, it also has among the objectives to bring benefits to the surrounding environment, to its employees, suppliers or to the other stakeholders involved in their business.

The greenApes project has the mission of promoting sustainable life by sharing experiences within a gamified digital platform. The implementation of the project in Florence (the first pilot city) in September 2015 was very well received by all interested parties: citizens, in local commercial partnerships, institutional partners (for example, public transport and municipalized management companies of waste), public administration and local environmental initiatives.

The community on the platform has grown rapidly since the sharing of sustainable actions and ideas soon became a source of inspiration for other subjects and for other virtuous behaviors from an environmental point of view.

To date, there are approximately 10,000 "followers", with a monthly capacity of 200,000 spectators; more than 80 commercial partners are registered on the platform and 72% of users said they have adopted new sustainable behaviors thanks to the use of greenApes. The digital platform also includes integration functions to connect greenApes with third-party applications and reward certified mobility actions for users. According to the latest data collected by the company, 72% of users of the platform said they have adopted new more responsible behavior towards the environment, while 65% discovered new products and services thanks to the APP.

All this makes greenApes a leading company in the development of applications and systems with a social and "experiential" value.